Worm Gear Screw Jacks up to 50'000 kg

 Lifting, pulling, pressing, synchronic lifting


Worm Gear Screw Jacks – designed with state-of-the-art CAD and CAE systems and adhering to stringent manufacturing requirements, these jacks meet all the necessary safety, cost-efficiency, and durability mandates of your application.

  • Worm Gear Screw Jacks are manufactured for loads from 5 to 500 kN;
  • Cubic housing, standardized mounting material and end-pieces, and pre-drilled flange holes permit easy installation of motor, gears, and shaft encoder;
  • Complete range of motors and accessories is available;
  • All models designed for pushing forces, pulling forces, and for position independent functioning;
  • Synchronization of several jacks is easily accomplished.




The actuator with traveling screw

The actuator with traveling nut


A very wide range of application, replacing hydraulic


Scissor-lift-system Examples-worm-gear


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