Precision linear actuators


Precision linear actuators are used in handling, machining and manufacturing applications. Another suitable area is in the replacement of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders where they bring many benefits compared to these traditional technologies. The broad range of options and accessories and our long experience in building customized units makes it easy to find the perfect actuator for almost any application.


Max. Stroke Length: 1500-2000 mm
Max. Speed: 2,5 -2,0 m/s
Max. Dynamic Load:    10'000-60'000 N

Types of applications:

  • Value Control (process and packaging industry, ventilation equipment, vehicle applications)
  • Pressing/Clamping (machine tools, electronics, plastics, metal and wood working applications)
  • Edge Guide Control (paper mills, print shop equipment, textile industry)
  • Backstop Adjust (wood work industry, machine tools, metal industry)
  • Loading/Unloading (handling equipment, packaging, medical, and electronics industry)
  • Drilling, Welding, Gluing, or Thermo-forming (plastics, metals, machine tools industries)


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