WhisperTrakTM Linear Actuators up to 4000 N

WhisperTrakTM Linear Actuators are the newest addition to our well-known electric linear actuator family. WhisperTrakTM linear actuators are designed to incorporate features that enable machine builders the greatest flexibility in a variety of applications. This new actuator sets a new standard for personal mobility, medical, rehab, office and domestic applications. It is small, quiet and washdown-proof.



  • Input Voltages: 12, 24 VDC;
  • Maximum Stroke Length: 500 mm (19 in);
  • Max Dynamic/ Static Load: 4000 N (950 lbf);
  • Max No-Load Speed: 5,8 mm/s (.23 in/s);
  • Max Full-Load Speed: 4,0 mm/s (.16 in/s);
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 10 %;
  • Operating Temperature: -25 - +40 oC (-13 - 105 F);
  • Sound Level: <45 dBa;
  • Average Life (cycles): 10'000;
  • Lead Screw Type: Acme.


Feature Highlights:

  • Great Price
  • High Quality
  • Compact and light
  • „Plug&play" installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Ultrasonic welding of enclosure provides high degree of sealing
  • Washdown proof during operation
  • Submersible during non-operation
  • Mounting adapters turned 90°
  • IP67 environmental protection class
  • CE (EN60601-1) and UL (UL60601-1) certificates


  • Rehab and handicap equipment that requires personal mobility such as wheel chairs, patient lifts, and handicapped accessible cars/trucks.
  • Medical/hospital equipment such as patient beds, x-ray machines, and examination chairs.
  • Home and office furniture where silent operation is required such as adjustable desks, beds, and reclining chairs.


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