Motorized lead screw


Motorized Lead Screws offer increased torque density over alternative solutions. By optimizing the motor performance and matching this with the ideal lead screw and nut design, we've been able to increase the load capacity by up to 30% while maintaining the same motor footprint. Motorized Lead Screws come in two basic configurations – rotating screw (S) and rotating nut (N).


Technical info:

Motor (NEMA standard) NEMA11 NEMA14 NEMA17 NEMA23
Load max. 80 N 220 N 340 N 890 N
Stroke 100 mm 200 mm 300 mm 400 mm
Speed max. 50 mm/s 60 mm/s 80 mm/s 120 mm/s
Screw diameter 4 mm 6 mm 6 mm 8, 10 mm
Screw lead 1, 4, 8 mm 1, 6, 12 mm 1, 6, 12 mm 2 iki 20 mm
Nut lead lead lead lead


Screw end design:

Rotating screw end (S tipe) Rotating nut screw end (N tipe)
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Inspection Sorting Filling
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Pick&place Marking, printing Packing
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Selection by 5 steps


1 - Select Motorized Lead Screw Configuration

Determine which of the two types of configurations – rotating screw (S) or rotating nut (N) – the application requires


2 - Select Motor Size

Select the appropriate size based on desired performance, motor frame size, etc. We offers NEMA11, NEMA14, NEMA17, NEMA23


3 - Select Lead Screw

Select the lead screw diameter and length with regard to the required stroke of the application and the type of end machining the screw requires


4 - Select Nut

For rotating screw (S) configurations, choose between a standard or high performance nut as well a standard or antibacklash nut. Rotating nut (N) configurations as default always come with high performance nut and a standard backlash nut


5 - Mount the Motorized Lead Screw

Mount the unit into the application using the tolerance guidelines


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