Automatization of Production Processes


Automatization of production processes, it is a great opportunity to more effectively use companies resources, achieve a higher quality level and reduce energy costs. Today in highly automated process important is a feedback of automation components, to visualize the production process and enable to the general company production system.


Electromechanical linear actuators


Electromechanical linear actuators – the new generation of automation components. Linear actuators easy to incorporate into an automated process, have reversible connection elements, can work in difficult conditions, temperature range from -40 °C up to +85 °C, easy to replace hydraulic and pneumatic components, lower energy costs.


Rail and transportation systems


The unique aluminum rail systems are designed for transportation. Used successfully in a wide range of applications, from machine tools, printing machines and paper manufacturing plants, spraying units and industrial robots, to stamping presses and heavy machinery in general. Lifting equipment and rail transportation systems can be supplied with an integrated, inductive linear system. This development combines the guiding and measuring functions in one unit and opens up new opportunities in machine design.


Linear Modules


Linear modules are widely used in the automatization of production processes. Load can achieve several tens of tons, speed up to 20 m/s and the accuracy calculated in microns. Linear modules help reduce energy costs, provide production efficiency and accuracy.